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A Fusion of Scottish and Māori

A Fusion of Scottish and Māori
I have had the idea for these 3 kete in my brain for over a year. But making them a priority has been the challenge, so this koha season that’s what I did, I made weaving them a priority and carved out some time to complete them. Granted - only giving myself a week for 3 kete was a bit ambitious tho 😂!

If you know me, you would know that I have Scottish ancestry (as many Māori do), and my maiden name is Cockburn. My paternal grandfather travelled here from Scotland, met my grandmother in Auckland and started a family, of which my dad (Bob) was one of the youngest. He was lucky enough to have 3 sisters (he would probably dispute this 😆), all of whom are still alive today.

These kete are for my Aunts, my dads sisters, and represent part of our shared whakapapa, the Cockburn side. I am very lucky that they are still here with me, and I am actually hanging out with one tomorrow 😊🤩😎 checking out the Maoriland exhibition in Ōtaki- hence my time crunch!

So. Here they are. 3 Kete in the Cockburn plaid (NOT a tartan, but dont ask me what the difference is 🤣) pattern with muka handles. Finished just yesterday, which was, incidentally, my dads birthday. He would’ve been 77 💕💕 a fitting gift in his memory really.

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