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Taonga Pātaka - Large


Kai + Aroha = Whānau

This Taonga Pātaka / platter was originally a piece of furniture and has been reimagined into a piece of functional art. When it is not in use as a platter, it can be hung on the wall as art. It has plaited Harakeke handles.

The design speaks of whānau, of families big and small, of whakapapa and generations coming together to share kai (food) and korero (conversation). For me, Kai is Aroha (love), and my favourite meal is sharing a platter of Kai with my most loved ones, my Whānau.

Each Taonga Pātaka /Platter comes with a mini tin of Muri Aroha Wood Butter.

Pieces are strictly limited. 


Approximate Dimensions: 50+cm long, 25cm - 30cm wide